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Strong support for central and eastern European leaders will impact the European elections.

Since right-wing populist parties began gaining power in Europe and the United States, common wisdom has held that their success is owed to the …

As deputy prime minister and interior minister, the leader of the right-wing Lega party has quickly become the dominant force in Italian politics. His …

Europe‘s right-wing populists are shifting away from a total rejection of EU institutions. Instead, they are attempting to harness them to their own ideology, …

The far-right AfD has gained ever more popularity since its breakthrough in 2017. The party’s rise has been aided by German media and politics, …

The German chancellor has great tactical skills. But that’s not enough anymore to fend off populism and move Europe forward.

Italy’s new government will confront the EU, but fears about a euro exit are overblown. The EU needs to work with Rome to keep …

How long will Italy’s new government last?

Viktor Orbán’s victory will embolden other European populists, too.

Who is the young leader of Italy’s populist Five Star Movement?

The Czech Republic has voted for a billionaire populist. That’s not necessarily bad news for Brussels.

America‘s left and right have embraced Scandinavia. Neither is quite right.

Forming a new government out of the Netherlands’ fractious parties is proving nearly impossible.

Geert Wilders did not win the Dutch election. But its lessons are still worrisome.

Brexit and Trump voters wanted to go back in time. Are the Dutch and the French similarly inclined?

How Marine Le Pen turned the Front National into a force with a chance at France’s presidency.