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Forming a new government out of the Netherlands’ fractious parties is proving nearly impossible.

Geert Wilders did not win the Dutch election. But its lessons are still worrisome.

Brexit and Trump voters wanted to go back in time. Are the Dutch and the French similarly inclined?

How Marine Le Pen turned the Front National into a force with a chance at France’s presidency.

Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland is moving into neo-Nazi territory.

Winning the Dutch elections may not be enough for the far-right leader.

How strong are populists on social media?

Will France fall to the West’s populist surge, too?

The “unthinkable” has happened – again. The consequences for Europe and the world loom large.

The post-1945 international system is under pressure, not least by forces in the West. With the right steps taken, however, it can endure

How to deal with those political forces insufficiently described as populist.

Right-wing populism in France, the Netherlands, and Northern Europe.

Germany’s right-wing AfD populists should not be taken seriously.

Mainstream politicians need to stop pressing the snooze button and 
wake up: Protest politics and xenophobic populism are endangering Europe’s liberal democracies and open societies. They must be addressed.