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German Political Culture

Germany is facing a new nexus of foreign and domestic politics.

The right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD,  has struck a more moderate tone in Germany’s parliament than expected. But there is still plenty …

Few East Germans hold key positions in Germany’s institutions.

The German election outcome signals a return to less consensual politics – which is no bad thing.

All the political colors, synonyms, and acronyms you need to know when it comes to forming a new German government.

Germany’s “Political Ash Wednesday,” once a humorous affair, is short on jokes.

Germany’s Russlanddeutsche minority is no fifth column, but susceptible to the Kremlin’s propaganda.

Berlin wakes up to the challenges of Russia’s online offensive.

Something very disruptive is going on in the political sphere, warns Simon Hegelich, professor for political data science.

Germans mark 26 years together in a poisoned mood over migration.

The German conservatives are floating new ideas to win back populist voters.

Egged on by the populist AfD party, Germany’s chauvinist-xenophobes are becoming ever more uninhibited.

Trying to settle a historical question, Germany’s parliament has provoked new ones.

Germans fear a Trojan horse and the end of democracy.

Germany’s right-wing AfD populists should not be taken seriously.

An executive power like the US exercises a completely different leadership style than a consensus-based power like Germany. Leaders on both sides should keep this in mind.