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Transatlantic Relations

Trump’s provocations and bullying grab the headlines. But there are also structural factors causing transatlantic tension.

The US-Europe partnership living in a powder keg, and many fear that at the NATO summit in Brussels next week, Donald Trump will light a match.

No question about it: transatlantic relations are going through a rough patch. But as the German ambassador to NATO writes, the alliance is strong …

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting the White House with a bit of baggage.

The US and Europe seem to be pulling apart. But there is still space for meaningful transatlantic cooperation.

Is the transatlantic relationship destined for the dustbin of history?

Trump’s European tour and Merkel’s beer tent rally have left leaders facing uncharted territory.

Trump’s first hundred days in office have indicated what his priorities will be over the coming years. Transatlantic relations are unlikely to get smoother.

Angela Merkel’s sharing a platform with Ivanka Trump to discuss the empowerment of women was a clever move.

Donald Trump’s protectionist impulses could have disastrous consequences.

How Europe can prepare for American mercantilism.

Atlanticists need to prepare for a new era – and fast.

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and the future of German-American relations.

The next US president could spell the end of the liberal international order.

How the EU, Russia, and China can protect the Iran nuclear deal.

Assertive rhetoric about European security autonomy rings hollow.