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Europe has the capacity to become a global AI leader, and its data protection may even prove to be an advantage. But more support …

There is a lot to unpack from the German chancellor’s recent interview.

Emmanuel Macron has been hailed as the “most pro-European” French president ever. In reality, his policies don‘t diverge all that much from his country’s …

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Right-wing populism in France, the Netherlands, and Northern Europe.

Come spring, who will become France’s next president? The non-conformist former minister of the economy has more than an outside chance.

Views from Germany, France, and Poland.

Paris views the refugee crisis through a different lens than Berlin.

The future of Syria remains of vital importance to France, but there is little Paris can do.

The EU’s biggest problem is the disappearance of an equal partner for Germany.

Why Germany is engaging in France’s war against the so-called Islamic State.