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No other challenge facing German politics and industry is harder to discuss frankly than how to handle China. Why?

Washington is escalating its campaign to contain China by blacklisting technology firms. It’s not clear if Europe is prepared to follow suit.

Uzbekistan’s Kamchiq tunnel is a model project for China’s
Belt and Road Initiative.

On her trip to China, Chancellor Angela Merkel did little to distance Berlin from Beijing.

China and Russia seem to be getting ever closer, but the image of a deep Putin-Xi friendship can be deceiving. The EU should soberly …

Thirty years have passed since Francis Fukuyama wrote about “The End of History.” In politics, he was soon proven wrong. In economics, it took …

In Serbia and the Western Balkans, ordinary people hugely appreciate the convenience of using the new Chinese-built bridges and highways. The political impact is palpable.

The Great Stone industrial park outside Minsk currently feels like an empty monument to political ambition, but with Beijing’s backing it still has potential. 

The 16+1 partnership between Eastern European countries and China became the 17+1 on Friday after Greece joined.

Our author has embarked on a journey to investigate how China’s BRI is being implemented on the ground.

The Huawei Conundrum

Can Berlin find the courage to ban the world’s biggest telecoms equipment provider from its 5G network? Fear of Chinese espionage must be weighed …

For years, Germany has pursued an ambivalent, but lucrative China policy. These times seem to be over.

China is steadily expanding its security presence and infrastructure in Asia and well beyond, a strategy shaped by Beijing’s global power ambitions. It‘s a …

Washington’s trade war with China continues to escalate. The tit-for-tat row has forced Washington’s traditional partners to seek new alliances, says GIGA president Amrita Narlikar.

China aims to become AI leader and a “technical-economic great power”. It‘s devoting huge resources to that goal. Preparing for the warfare of the …

The geopolitical shift of power from the United States to China stems from the momentous transformation of energy policy. For Europe and Germany, engagement …