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Washington’s trade war with China continues to escalate. The tit-for-tat row has forced Washington’s traditional partners to seek new alliances, says GIGA president Amrita Narlikar.

China aims to become AI leader and a “technical-economic great power”. It‘s devoting huge resources to that goal. Preparing for the warfare of the …

The geopolitical shift of power from the United States to China stems from the momentous transformation of energy policy. For Europe and Germany, engagement …

Portugal’s former Secretary of State for European Affairs and author of The Dawn of Eurasia, Bruno Maçães, on Asia’s rise and the consequences for …

China attracts Eastern European countries with the promise of financing much needed infrastructure investments. The EU needs to find a common response. Nowhere else …

With its growing economic presence China is expanding its political influence in the Balkans, accelerating the region’s  already worrisome democratic decline. Nearly two decades …

China is strategically buying up influence and innovation. This will have major consequences for the West.

The ambitions of the People’s Liberation Army are beginning to approach Europe’s backyard.

China’s recent setback might further escalate the confrontation in the South China Sea.

There is little in the way of a common agenda when Berlin takes over the G20 presidency from Beijing.

Digital sovereignty and control of information are central to China’s cyber strategy.

There are compelling reasons for the EU to use the OSCE to engage China on security issues of joint concern.

Contrary to doomsday scenarios, the Chinese leadership appears well-equipped to manage lower growth.

The “One Belt, One Road” project is about more than securing China’s economic future: it is a serious attempt on the part of Beijing to introduce a new form of diplomacy.

London and Beijing are getting closer – at a cost.

Slowing growth in China carries repercussions, not least for the country itself. Four scenarios could result from responses Beijing might adopt.