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With Europe reassessing its relations with Beijing, it should pay more attention to the conflict between India and China.

France wants insurance against Chinese hegemony.

Trends in German public opinion point to a weakening commitment to both European integration and the transatlantic alliance.

Just as COVID-19 presents a threat to public health, China’s and Russia’s authoritarianism presents a threat to the West, warn our authors from the International Republican Institute.

Europe and Germany are dependent on cooperation with China on global challenges. But Brussels and Berlin need to defend their interests.

Ensuring that transatlantic flows are sustained in the COVID-19 crisis is one of the most important things that can be done right now.

As European governments debate whether to allow Huawei to build critical 5G infrastructure, fears of economic retaliation by China play a major role in …

Governments like to talk up the cooperation between China and Central Asian states. But the Sinophobia in Kyrgystan and Kazahkstan is very real. “They …

The Dangers of Herd Life

In the digital age, ideas of human nature posited by the European Enlightenment are confronted with a Chinese model in which the state uses …

Chinese engineers and workers on Belt and Road Initiative projects often spend many months away from their families. In Kyrgyzstan, however, some see a …

“Putin and Xi Want  to Split Apart Allies”

Germany needs to take the twin threats of Russia and China more seriously, argues Republican Senator TOM COTTON, a member of the US Senate …

No other challenge facing German politics and industry is harder to discuss frankly than how to handle China. Why?

Washington is escalating its campaign to contain China by blacklisting technology firms. It’s not clear if Europe is prepared to follow suit.

Uzbekistan’s Kamchiq tunnel is a model project for China’s
Belt and Road Initiative.

On her trip to China, Chancellor Angela Merkel did little to distance Berlin from Beijing.

China and Russia seem to be getting ever closer, but the image of a deep Putin-Xi friendship can be deceiving. The EU should soberly …