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The absence of a viable post-war policy for Afghanistan and Syria under the Trump administration opens the window for the EU.

By launching Gaia-X, Germany and France are pushing for a “European cloud.”

How NATO could make a contribution to fighting climate change.

The history of hydropower shows that renewables have always had flaws.

The Kremlin was quick to send military medical aid to Italy, Serbia, and the United States. The aim: getting sanctions lifted.

France wants insurance against Chinese hegemony.

Trends in German public opinion point to a weakening commitment to both European integration and the transatlantic alliance.

The call for greater “European sovereignty” has become very popular of late, but it is far from clear what the term means.

It’s tempting to see a nefarious and belligerent Russia behind every threat. But has the West created a convenient bogey man?

A partial retreat from globalization will be a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

The clean energy sources of the future will have their own tricky oversupply problems.

The Greek prime minister has had a good run since coming to power last July.

The COVID-19-induced economic carnage provides Boris Johnson with a cover for a hard Brexit. 

French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped his bulldozer approach to European politics.

Preparations for the Conference on the Future of Europe are on hold. But the EU’s need to reconnect with its citizens will be bigger still once the work of Europe’s recovery begins.

Some change at least, it seems, is inevitable.