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“Putin and Xi Want  to Split Apart Allies”

Germany needs to take the twin threats of Russia and China more seriously, argues Republican Senator TOM COTTON, a member of the US Senate …

Unlike President Trump, the Pentagon regards climate change as a threat to national security and is undertaking substantial efforts to prepare for the fallout.

Thirty years have passed since Francis Fukuyama wrote about “The End of History.” In politics, he was soon proven wrong. In economics, it took …

The United States now must create and maintain a global balance of power.

Europe should take a principled stance in response to the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The geopolitical shift of power from the United States to China stems from the momentous transformation of energy policy. For Europe and Germany, engagement …

France and Germany urgently need to forge a common strategy to deal with US trade conflicts.

The US and Europe seem to be pulling apart. But there is still space for meaningful transatlantic cooperation.

The US has given up its global leadership role: the consequences for 2018.

What lies behind the US-German spat over new Russian sanctions affecting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project?

The UK and the US are taking their time leaving the EU and the Paris climate accords respectively.

A new settlement bill challenges Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ability to control his coalition.

Theresa May has unwisely hitched her wagon to the new US president.

What will happen if Donald Trump moves the US embassy in Israel?

New dialogue on military affairs and armament can help rebuild security in East-West relations.

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and the future of German-American relations.