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Refugee Crisis

The Greek prime minister has had a good run since coming to power last July.

A government official’s warning that Jews in traditional dress might not be safe has sparked a new debate about how to protect the community. 

Angela Merkel is facing her biggest crisis yet. Her sister party, the Bavarian CSU, is rebelling against her policy on refugees. The chancellor needs …

Three years after the peak of the refugee crisis, a simmering conflict over migration policy with Angela Merkel’s Bavarian sister party has turned into open warfare.

There is a growing debate in Germany over the possibility of deporting rejected asylum seekers back to war-torn Syria.

Addressing the refugee crisis and the rising numbers of African migrants arriving in Italy, the EU needs new thinking.

The EU-Turkey agreement has stopped the flow of refugees, but solved little.

How to make the EU-Turkey agreement stick – and apply its lesson to African migrants taking the perilous sea-route to Italy.

The dire situation in Greece and turmoil in Turkey are making the current refugee deal unsustainable.

There is no need to apologizze for the EU’s migration policy, but there’s still room for improvement.

How the German government has been coping with the refugee crisis, and still is.

Paris views the refugee crisis through a different lens than Berlin.

Thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece.

The Italian government has put together a contingency plan to address a possible new wave of refugees coming from the South.

The obfuscating misuse of the English term is troubling not least because “hot spot” previously referred to the kind of place refugees are escaping.

The European Union needs to develop a “strategic capacity”.