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July/August 2019

July/August 2019

Balancing Acts

Europe By Numbers

Greens Up, Reds Down

balancing acts

bruno maçães

Equilibrium Americanum

The United States must now keep a global balance of power.

mark leonard and jeremy shapiro

The Case for a Sovereign Europe

The EU’s limits are painfully clear. It’s time for a new strategy.

krzysztof iwanek

The Other Asian Power

India offers Europe political stability and openness to foreign firms. It also shares a view of China.

david ritchie

Alliance for Multilateralism–
An Australian View

With their powers steadily growing, how will European lawmakers have an impact on the lives of EU citizens?

janis kluge

Sino-Russian Chimera

The image of a close Putin-Xi friendship can be deceiving.


alex massie

Nicola Sturgeon

As Brexit looms, Scotland’s first minister may get another opportunity to make the case for leaving the United Kingdom.

carbon critical

noah gordon

Flight Shaming

What will happen to aviation in a world of net-zero emissions?

europe and migration

luigi scazzieri

Missing in Libya

Another refugee crisis could be looming. Yet so far the EU has been divided and passive.

bettina vestring

The Glass Is Half Full

Germany has had some success integrating refugees.

words don’t come easy

anne maria wallner

“Zack, Zack, Zack”

“Ibizagate” has shaken Austrian politics. But plus ça change…

technology and power

vladislav inozemtsev

The (Temporary) End of Economic History

In politics, Francis Fukuyama was soon proven wrong. In economics, it took Donald Trump.

robert gorwa and anton peez

Big Tech Hits the Diplomatic Circuit

The internet giants like to present themselves as foreign policy actors on equal footing with nation states. They are not.

postcard from the new silk road

jacob mardell

A Highway to Nowhere

Sinohydro workers are roughing it in the Macedonian mountains.


derek scally

Berlin’s Stagnant Summer

Angela Merkel’s government could collapse this fall.

red herring & black swan

pia seyfried

Five Eyes for Europe

The EU should have its own intelligence agency.

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