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Security Policy

AI is on the verge of becoming a critical part of our societies, says former State Secretary of Defense Katrin Suder. A debate over …

London is likely to use its security assets as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

The ambitions of the People’s Liberation Army are beginning to approach Europe’s backyard.

New dialogue on military affairs and armament can help rebuild security in East-West relations.

Germany’s new security white paper is a big step for a country still largely averse to strategic thinking.

Some issues in Germany’s security white paper need clarification before the Franco-German couple works hand-in-glove on defense.

There are compelling reasons for the EU to use the OSCE to engage China on security issues of joint concern.

German military and security policy still suffers from serious constraints.

A refresher course for what the West will need to do to re-establish a deterrence regime.

Recent conflicts have shown that European security won’t work without a hybrid security policy. Here’s what a triad of deterrence, resilience, and defense could look like.

The crisis in Ukraine has forced the West to reconsider how it defends international law. As tensions in South East Asia grow, can Berlin apply the same lessons to a European Asia policy?