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Russian Foreign Policy

With domestic politics in limbo, the Czech and Slovak governments are becoming more and more dependent on small extremist parties for support.

Russian foreign policy may seem to follow a clear strategy to restore the country’s position as a global superpower. In reality, it is merely …

Relations between the West and Russia are at their lowest point in more than thirty years. Change will only come with new leadership in the Kremlin.

Russia used social media to influence the German election, too.

The Kremlin is using atomic energy cooperation to coax and coerce.

Russia’s big energy projects make no economic sense, but they serve a political purpose.

Building resilience is the best way to counter Russian attempts to undermine Western democracy.

Russia’s president is more a product of the Russian political landscape than its architect.

The office of Marieluise Beck, a veteran Green member of the Bundestag and vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was hacked two years ago by the FSB. Then her party deselected her.