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Reforming the EU

High time for the elites in France and Germany to wrack their brains how to jointly take Europe forward.

Stop the presses! Germans want to pay more for a more efficient European Union.

Will the German chancellor be able to meet the French president at least halfway?

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte mocks “visionary” leadership, but without a long-term plan his country might be reduced to a supporting role in Europe.

Emmanuel Macron has been hailed as the “most pro-European” French president ever. In reality, his policies don‘t diverge all that much from his country’s …

Who will have the final say in selecting the next European Commission president?

German-Polish relations have been rocky of late, but now Warsaw seems willing to change tack.

Germany’s prospective government promises EU reform, setting out ambitious goals.

The incoming German government needs to think bigger than ever before.

Emmanuel Macron was hoping Germany would embrace his vision for reforming Europe. So far he’s got no response.

Is it the right time for the EU to move ahead when it’s already struggling to reach its citizens?

Reactions in Berlin to the French president’s proposals for EU reform have been muted – for now.

What the French president’s recent visit to Central and Eastern Europe reveals about his EU reform agenda.

Finally trying on Helmut Kohl’s boots, the German chancellor is ready for deeper European integration.

Why Paris and Berlin should not wait until after the German elections to get going.

Where France and Germany are likely to chime – and occasionally clash.