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November, 2016

The next US president could spell the end of the liberal international order.

No one expected shale producers to survive extended low oil prices, but they have. The next act could prove even more destabilizing.

How the EU, Russia, and China can protect the Iran nuclear deal.

President-elect Donald Trump has suggested alarming changes to American trade policy.

Assertive rhetoric about European security autonomy rings hollow.

President-elect Trump’s relationship with Putin is likely to run into obstacles.

As his last bow in Europe, Barack Obama passionately defended Western values with “his closest ally,” Angela Merkel.

Will France fall to the West’s populist surge, too?

Europe and Donald Trump – the contents of our new issue.

What links Donald Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, and support for Marine Le Pen’s Front National?

The “unthinkable” has happened – again. The consequences for Europe and the world loom large.

Here’s what a Trump presidency could mean for Europe.

Political uncertainty in Washington makes the necessity of a common European defense more urgent than ever.

Trump supporters voted to shatter America’s static political landscape. They may end up with a spectrum familiar to Europeans.

This fall, Germany’s chancellor has been facing mutiny within her own ranks. But Angela Merkel has decided to fight.

Spain’s new-old prime minister has weathered every storm that’s come his way, but major challenges remain.