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German Elections 2017

Coalition talks in Berlin have failed, which might mean new elections.

Few East Germans hold key positions in Germany’s institutions.

Russia used social media to influence the German election, too.

The German election outcome signals a return to less consensual politics – which is no bad thing.

Angela Merkel won the elections, but right-wing populists are spoiling the party.

All the political colors, synonyms, and acronyms you need to know when it comes to forming a new German government.

It’s been called the most boring election ever. That might be because the parties are avoiding the very issues closest to voters’ hearts.

The CDU and the SPD have returned to door-to-door canvassing, with a technological twist.

In their one and only public debate Angela Merkel and her challenger Martin Schulz skipped difficult issues.

Germany’s chancellor seems unassailable. How does she do it?

The populist AfD once polled in the double digits. The party’s support has waned, but not enough to stop it from entering the Bundestag.

While Angela Merkel will likely win the forthcoming election, voters will choose her dance partner(s).

Running against Angela Merkel in September, Martin Schulz’s policy ideas are as exciting as they are hard to pin down.

Building resilience is the best way to counter Russian attempts to undermine Western democracy.

Things look grim for the European Union, but all is not lost yet.

Germany’s “Political Ash Wednesday,” once a humorous affair, is short on jokes.