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The EU is still finding it hard to come up with a coordinated coronavirus response.

But the road to an Italexit would be a twisted one.

Ten years after the onset of the eurocrisis, some observers  are predicting a sequel. The biggest problems aren’t caused by economics, but politics. As …

Italy’s new government will confront the EU, but fears about a euro exit are overblown. The EU needs to work with Rome to keep …

US President Donald Trump has no time for the EU or Angela Merkel. That’s one reason she’s finally talking about EU reform.

An interview with Marcel Fratzscher on last week’s “economists’ letter”—and why Germany and France need to get moving on eurozone reform.

Emmanuel Macron was hoping Germany would embrace his vision for reforming Europe. So far he’s got no response.

Finally trying on Helmut Kohl’s boots, the German chancellor is ready for deeper European integration.

Italy enters a tricky phase of political instability.