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January/February 2020


europe by numbers

john kampfner

A Very British Election

A World of Frenemies

jörg lau

Caught in the Headlights

Germany’s foreign policy foundations have suffered multiple shocks since 2014. But Berlin’s only answer is to play dead.

interview with tom cotton

“Putin and Xi Want to Split Apart Allies”

Germany and Europe aren’t taking the China and Russia threats seriously enough, a Republican senator warns.

daniela schwarzer

Weaponizing the Economy

Germany and Europe need to learn the rules of geo-economics.

kaan sahin

The Tech Cold War Illusion

As the US and China face off technologically, analogies with the pre-1989 era are misleading.


anja vladisavljevic

Andrej Plenković

Croatia is taking over the rotating EU presidency for the first time. Its prime minister is a dedicated “Mr. Europe,” but trouble looms.

carbon critical

noah gordon

The Four Camps of the New Climate Debate

Carbonists, Lukewarmists, Techno-Mitigators, or Alarmists: 
Who will shape the political process?


joseph de weck

The Macron-Schäuble Axis

Germany’s elder statesman Wolfgang Schäuble is playing political  ping-pong with French President Emmanuel Macron.

words don’t come easy

ana petrusheva


North Macedonians feel “betrayed,” and with good reason.

transatlantic relations

tyson barker

California Calling

The Golden State is a tech and environmental superpower. 
Europe should pay more attention to Sacramento.

postcard from the new silk road

jacob mardell

Routes of Escape

Chinese workers on BRI projects often spend most of their time away from their families. In Kyrgyzstan, some see a silver lining.

the china challenge

sebastian heilmann

The Dangers of Herd Life

Ideas of human nature posited by the European Enlightenment are confronted with a Chinese countermodel.

red herring & black swan

michael rühle

Ground Control to Ivory Tower

There’s a problem with academic writing and communicating.


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