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December, 2019

Is Germany’s elder statesman Wolfgang Schäuble the Berlin ally French President Emmanuel Macron never had?

Red Herring & Black Swan: Ground Control to Ivory Tower

Academics often complain about being ignored by decision-makers. Yet people in power are neither uninterested nor uneducated. It’s the academic way of writing and …

“Putin and Xi Want  to Split Apart Allies”

Germany needs to take the twin threats of Russia and China more seriously, argues Republican Senator TOM COTTON, a member of the US Senate …

Brexit won’t be “done” any time soon, neither for the UK nor for the EU.

As national leaders debate the next long-term EU budget, climate and defense are proving the two most contentious issues.

The French President likes to make blunt statements that provoke public outrage. Berlin should brace for more to come.

SPD members have elected a new leadership: two unknown left-wingers. It is hard to see Angela Merkel’s coalition surviving. On Saturday morning, Chancellor Angela …