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Moscow has had an expensive makeover while the regime ossifies.

As Islamist terror attacks reach Germany, Angela Merkel addresses them with her usual pragmatism.

Brexit will require Angela Merkel’s trickiest balancing act yet.

The Warsaw summit re-affirms the role of nuclear deterrence in the alliance.

China’s recent setback might further escalate the confrontation in the South China Sea.

The German chancellor is likely to move lightly to set the EU on a reform path.

Berlin has awoken to the new reality of a European Union without Britain.

Egged on by the populist AfD party, Germany’s chauvinist-xenophobes are becoming ever more uninhibited.

What the EURO 2016 soccer championship tells us about the state Europe is in.

Trying to settle a historical question, Germany’s parliament has provoked new ones.

Digital sovereignty and control of information are central to China’s cyber strategy.

Once a pioneer in gay rights, Germany is losing its progressive reputation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to undermine Israel’s democratic institutions.

There are compelling reasons for the EU to use the OSCE to engage China on security issues of joint concern.

The SPD, Germany’s oldest party traditionally fighting for social justice, is in a bind.

Germans fear a Trojan horse and the end of democracy.

In Austria, Germany’s political parties catch an awful glimpse of the future.

On his likely final visit to Germany US president Barack Obama must have left disappointed.

A furious president, an outdated law, and an unrepentant comedian have caught Germany’s chancellor in a double bind.

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