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The second Modi government offers Europe political stability and openness to foreign companies. It also shares a view of China. This May, incumbent Prime …

China and Russia seem to be getting ever closer, but the image of a deep Putin-Xi friendship can be deceiving. The EU should soberly …

Thirty years have passed since Francis Fukuyama wrote about “The End of History.” In politics, he was soon proven wrong. In economics, it took …

The limits to European sovereignty are becoming painfully clear. It’s time to embrace a new strategy.

The United States now must create and maintain a global balance of power.

The US has given up its global leadership role: the consequences for 2018.

Today’s global frontlines do not run between East and West, but within states – between internationalists and nationalists.

If the Trump administration turns its back on the world, others need to step up to defend the US-built liberal order.

The next US president could spell the end of the liberal international order.

The post-1945 international system is under pressure, not least by forces in the West. With the right steps taken, however, it can endure