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The Syrian regime has violated practically every article of international law. These crimes against humanity will not go unpunished, argues Minister of State Niels Annen.

The absence of a viable post-war policy for Afghanistan and Syria under the Trump administration opens the window for the EU.

Idlib threatens to be the next big flare-up in Syria’s civil war. Germany can play a decisive role in preventing a tragedy.

There is a growing debate in Germany over the possibility of deporting rejected asylum seekers back to war-torn Syria.

A pop-up “Damascus Goethe Institute in Exile” is fostering exchanges in Berlin.

The future of Syria remains of vital importance to France, but there is little Paris can do.

After hundreds of thousands of dead, and millions of refugees, the EU urgently needs to take the lead in ending the brutal civil war in Syria that has transformed the country into a geopolitical battleground.

The opportunity to establish a no-fly zone has passed. Any Western intervention should now focus on a no-bomb zone to protect civilians and on weakening Bashar al-Assad.

Is the Russian-Iranian cooperation in Syria a marriage of convenience or the emergence of an alliance?

Russia’s actions in Syria make a bad situation worse.

Its foreign policy in tatters, Turkey reluctantly joins the anti-IS coalition.