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May/June 2019

May/June 2019

Europe’s Choice

Europe By Numbers

Ballot Box Gazing

europe’s choice

alexander clarkson

A Different Game

There’s been too much attention on Europe’s populist far-right.

heinrich august winkler

No Ever Closer Union

A federal Europe is a fantasy.

brendan simms and benjamin zeeb

States of Europe, Unite!

US history suggests a way out of the EU’s dysfunctional present.

dave keating

 Europe’s Parliament: Five Things to Know

With their powers steadily growing, how will European lawmakers have an impact on the lives of EU citizens?


dan nolan

Viktor Orbán

Ever the opportunist, what will Hungary’s prime minister do next?

postcard from the new silk road

jacob mardell

Happy Commuters

A Belgrade bridge gives the EU something to think about.

europe 2040

jan zielonka

Into the Maze

Things could go wrong for the EU in a number of ways. 

almut möller

Full Multi-Speed Ahead

The EU will become the world’s most flexible organization. 

jan techau

How Europe Got Lucky

A Russian attack, a migrant boom: the EU’s path to world power. 

words don’t come easy

ben knight


Trailblazer for authoritarianism or necessary corrective?

between east and west

cristina gherasimov

Servant of the People

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has to navigate difficult waters.

interview with timothy snyder

“There’s Always Hope!”

The West needs to leave the “politics of eternity” behind.

red herring & black swan

noah gordon

Climate Change Math

Traditional greenhouse gas emission statistics are misleading.

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