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ludwig siegele

Everything is AI

Artificial intelligence will shape politics, the economy, and society. It will also disrupt international affairs.

interview with katrin suder

“AI Can Change the Balance of Power”

A debate over how AI will impact security policy―and all our lives―is long overdue, says the former state secretary of defense.

andreas rinke

A Question of Sovereignty

Angela Merkel wants Germany to catch up with the United States and China on AI. But so far, her initiatives have faltered.

cécile boutelet

Made in Europe

The EU can become a global AI leader. But France and Germany need to better support startups and medium-sized businesses.

finn mayer-kuckuk

AI for Xi

China is spending massively to become a “technical-economic great power.“ And it’s preparing for the warfare of the future.


 Barbara Tóth

Sebastian Kurz

Who is Austria’s young chancellor, and what does he want?


derek scally

Crunch Time for Merkel

The Bavarian CSU is on the war path against Angela Merkel, and the chancellor’s power is draining. Will she get help?


nikolaus von twickel

Shadow States

The war in eastern Ukraine shows no signs of ending. Practically none of the Minsk agreement has been implemented.

maxim starchak

Atomic Mess

Aging and overburdened reactors, insufficient funding: Ukrainian nuclear power plants pose a threat to all of Europe.

words don’t come easy

eszter zalan


Viktor Orbán uses Hungary’s favorite fruit brandy as a political tool.


hans-dieter lucas

Still the Greatest Alliance

Transatlantic relations are going through a rough patch. 
But NATO is strong enough to withstand discord.

eu-india relations

garima mohan

A New Pact With Dehli

The EU-India relationship has momentum once again. Can the two partners capitalize?


friedbert pflüger

Pax Sinica

China’s rise correlates with its energy consumption.

red herring & black swan

todd williamson

The Other Pivot to Asia

Why the Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank is part of today’s transatlantic trade rupture.


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