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January, 2017

Theresa May has unwisely hitched her wagon to the new US president.

What will happen if Donald Trump moves the US embassy in Israel?

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel throws in the towel, leaving the campaign against Angela Merkel to former EU Parliament president Martin Schulz.

Germany’s anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland is moving into neo-Nazi territory.

NATO isn’t “obsolete;” its relevance is unchanged.

Theresa May performs a reversal.

China is strategically buying up influence and innovation. This will have major consequences for the West.

Russia’s president is more a product of the Russian political landscape than its architect.

Berlin wakes up to the challenges of Russia’s online offensive.

The landmark exhibition that wasn’t has dampened German-Iranian relations.

Atlanticists need to prepare for a new era – and fast.

The “Orbánization” of the Visegrád group seems to have hit the buffers.

Winning the Dutch elections may not be enough for the far-right leader.

How to make the EU-Turkey agreement stick – and apply its lesson to African migrants taking the perilous sea-route to Italy.

Something very disruptive is going on in the political sphere, warns Simon Hegelich, professor for political data science.

Damage control isn’t the only answer to the Trump presidency. Europe has to take its fate into its own hands.