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A pop-up “Damascus Goethe Institute in Exile” is fostering exchanges in Berlin.

The British High Court ruling in support of parliamentary sovereignty is giving Theresa May’s government a headache or two.

Angela Merkel is likely to continue as Germany’s chancellor.

The CETA debacle points to a hard Brexit.

Germany’s infrastructure is endangered by both politics and bureaucracy.

Why the “old continent” will miss Barack Obama.

Changing the dynamic between NATO and Russia will be essential to preserving European security.

Germans mark 26 years together in a poisoned mood over migration.

How much co-determination can Germany’s foreign policy take?

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is in danger of being derailed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs a European solution for the refugee crisis more than ever.

Our issue on the new ideological front line in domestic and international politics is out now.

Public opinion polls on the EU-Turkey relationship show the depth of the problem.

The post-1945 international system is under pressure, not least by forces in the West. With the right steps taken, however, it can endure

How to deal with those political forces insufficiently described as populist.

Right-wing populism in France, the Netherlands, and Northern Europe.