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Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukraine’s inexperienced president-elect, needs to learn quickly how to navigate difficult political waters. Russia, his most dangerous foe, has already begun testing …

Who is Ukraine’s likely next president, and what or whom does he stand for?

The war in eastern Ukraine entered its fifth year this spring and shows no signs of ending. The Minsk agreement should lead to a …

Aging and overburdened reactors, insufficient funding, a nearby war: Ukrainian nuclear power plants present a threat for all of Europe. The country urgently needs …

Stick to the Minsk agreement and explain the sanctions policy better at home.

Russia has gotten the upper hand in the Eurovision propaganda war.

In eastern Ukraine, Russia is supposed to be part of the peace process, even as it interferes with the OSCE’s mission.

The OSCE monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine faces widespread distrust, but it could still succeed.

It was obvious from the start that the Minsk II agreement for eastern Ukraine would fail to reach its targets. As long as sanctions are in place, however, it serves a purpose.

A Russian and a Ukrainian historian discuss diverging views of a shared past.

A conversation with the OSCE Secretary-General on the international organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

A KGB Christmas card has found its way to our offices.

With Nord Stream 2 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is nearing his goal of cutting Ukraine out of the gas supply picture.

There are growing signs that an armistice is taking hold in eastern Ukraine. It would be no victory for Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s undeclared hybrid war, though.

Ukraine has made significant headway reforming its economy since the revolution. But quite a bit remains to be done, and the short-term outlook is grim.

A kleptocratic regime, mighty oligarchs – Ukraine was an economic mess before the revolution. Ricardo Giucci and Robert Kirchner, who advise the Ukrainian government, discuss Ukraine’s to-do list.