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The French are self-involved, or so the cliché goes. But they are no chauvinists—just ask the French president.

France wants insurance against Chinese hegemony.

French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped his bulldozer approach to European politics.

Macron wants to turn Corona into a European challenge, but falls flat on his own and Berlin’s nationalist reflexes.

After Barack Obama came Donald Trump. So will Emmanuel Macron be followed by Marine Le Pen? No, but evoking that threat could prove useful …

Libya is a perfect case study for the shortcomings of Emmanuel Macron’s foreign policy initiatives.

Is Germany’s elder statesman Wolfgang Schäuble the Berlin ally French President Emmanuel Macron never had?

The French President likes to make blunt statements that provoke public outrage. Berlin should brace for more to come.

Emmanuel Macron is trying to mend fences with Rome.

The changing of the guard in Brussels offers the French president the chance of a new beginning in Europe.