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German leadership

Berlin is forfeiting its global role as leader in climate protection.

The incoming German government needs to think bigger than ever before.

Why the “old continent” will miss Barack Obama.

Germany’s new security white paper is a big step for a country still largely averse to strategic thinking.

Some issues in Germany’s security white paper need clarification before the Franco-German couple works hand-in-glove on defense.

After ten years in office, the German Chancellor at last surprises our columnist.

Who is handling the European refugee crisis well?

The EU is battling three major crises – with Germany in the lead in every case. But so far Berlin has not been able to create momentum for building a stronger Europe.

Long seen as a reluctant player, Berlin is assuming greater responsibilities for two reasons: foreign policy has finally arrived on Germany’s domestic scene, and its partners are not ready to step up.

An executive power like the US exercises a completely different leadership style than a consensus-based power like Germany. Leaders on both sides should keep this in mind.