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November/December 2019

November/December 2019

Finding Its Voice

Europe By Numbers

Plane Accounting

finding its voice

jana puglierin

A Question of Survival

The vegetarian EU needs to adapt to a world of carnivores.

florence gaub

Von der Leyen’s Foreign Policy Bucket List

The US, China, Russia–there are endless challenges. Above all, the Commission needs to develop the strategic capacity to act.

claire demesmay

Macron on the Move

The French president has embarked on a foreign policy course designed to strengthen the EU. But there are risks.


tony connelly

Phil Hogan

The EU’s new trade commissioner will be among those forging the future relationship with the UK. The Irishman is up to it.

carbon critical

noah gordon

High-Hanging Fruit

German industry has run out of cheap options for going greener.


fabian zuleeg

The Worst Is Still to Come

The EU needs to be ready for the geopolitical implications of Brexit.

transatlantic relations

noah barkin

Hard Choices on China

Whether the Europeans choose Washington or Beijing, there will be a price to pay.

words don’t come easy

david mac dougall


Finland is a beacon for equality, if an imperfect one.

op-ed on german fiscal policy

shahin vallée

Living a Lie

The debt brake needs to go if Germany and Europe want to regain dynamism. An honest debate is needed.


joseph de weck

The Italian Job

Emmanuel Macron is trying to reset relations with Rome.


sławomir sierakowski

Eastern Differences

The nations of Central and Eastern Europe all have their own versions of populist politics.

postcard from the new silk road

jacob mardell

A Morning Drink with the Turbine Engineer

Uzbekistan’s Kamchiq tunnel is a model project for China’s BRI.

red herring & black swan

pepijn bergsen

Rally Behind the ECB

The excessive criticism of Europe’s central bank is ill-founded.

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