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November/December 2017




Mourning Sylke Tempel


the editors


We have lost our editor-in-chief – an outstanding expert, 
journalist, writer, teacher, colleague, friend.


sylke tempel

Everything Is Foreign Policy

Today’s global frontlines do not run between East and West, but within states – between internationalists and nationalists.


europe by numbers

Mamma Mia!


heather grabbe and stefan lehne

An Existential Threat

Hungary and Poland continue to defy the EU’s values and threaten its unity. Brussels needs to flex its muscles, and fast.


ani horvath

Orbán Decay

Viktor Orbán has put Budapest on a collision course with Brussels. But not all Hungarians like the path he’s chosen.


piotr buras

Cutting Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face

Poland is drifting further away from the rest of Europe.


vít dostál and milan nič

Enter Babiš

The Czech Republic has voted for a billionaire populist. 
That’s not necessarily bad news for Brussels.



annabelle chapman

Robert Biedroń

A mayor from northern Poland is emerging as the darling of the liberal left and presidential contender. Is the country ready for him?

transatlantic relations


hugh eakin

“Last Night in Sweden”

American politicians on both the right and left love Scandinavia, but only because they don’t understand it.



melanie amann

Calm Before the Storm?

Germany’s rightwing populist AfD party has been eerily quiet
in parliament so far. That is likely to change.


julian rappold

Waiting for Berlin

Emmanuel Macron was hoping Germany would embrace his vision for reforming Europe. So far he’s got no response.


jessica jones

Catalonia’s Blunder

The gamble of pro-independence activists has backfired.

words don’t come easy


maryna rakhlei

“Protiv vsekh”

Ksenia Sobchak’s hashtag campaign might be catchy, 
but it seems to be falling flat in Russia.




stormy-annika mildner and claudia schmucker

Filling the Void

America has left a vacuum in global free trade. The EU is right 
in its ambition to step in, but it has to tread lightly.

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