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daniela schwarzer

The Status Quo Is Not an Option

The German government needs to forge compromises and build bridges. Stabilizing Europe is in its core interest.


interview with wolfgang schäuble

“I Strongly Advise Against Arrogance”

Germany’s most experienced politician in European affairs on the state of the European Union and how to advance it.


georg blume

Seeking the Force for Good

High time for the elites in France and Germany to rack their brains how to jointly take Europe forward.


oliver grimm

The Über-Germans

Is Germany over-represented in European institutions?


bettina vestring

Paper Army

Berlin wants to move toward a more integrated European defense policy. Given the sorry state of the Bundeswehr, this sounds hollow.


hans kundnani

Discipline and Punish

Under German leadership solidarity in the EU has become conditional on structural reforms.



Joanna Sopinska

Cecilia Malmström

Is the EU’s trade commissioner ready for a trade war?

europe’s discontents


nicolai von ondarza

Brexit by Brussels

With the May government deeply divided, it’s the remaining EU27 who determine the make-up of the future EU-UK relationship.


interview with szuszanna szelényi

“This Election Didn’t Serve Hungary”

Viktor Orbán’s victory isn’t as clear-cut as it seems.

words don’t come easy


dave keating


Ever since Swedish band ABBA won 1974, English has ruled supreme at the Eurovision Song Contest. But maybe not this time.

germany’s economy


sebastian heilmann and guntram b. wolff

Squeezed Model

Germany needs to reduce its dependency on experts and push for robust European trade and industrial policies.

the arab world


florence gaub

Bread, Freedom, Justice

The next Arab Spring is just a matter of time.

red herrings & black swans


tyson barker and mareike oldemeinen

Entering the Ice Age

Much has been written about Donald Trump ripping up the rules of world trade. Don’t believe the hype.

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