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In 140 Characters (#i140c): Jens Stoltenberg


NATO’s Secretary General on expecting the unexpected and how to relax in snow-deprived Brussels.


@jensstoltenberg What’s the most important skill for your job?

@berlinpolicy The ability to build consensus.


@jensstoltenberg Tell us about an unknown unknown you’re thinking about.

@berlinpolicy I have learned to expect the unexpected. New security threats can arise quickly. Readiness is key.


@jensstoltenberg What was your immediate priority when you started the job?

@berlinpolicy Keeping #NATO strong. Must keep bond Europe – North America rock solid & work w partners to build stability.


@jensstoltenberg What’s on your desk that might surprise us?

@berlinpolicy A photo of Anna Lindh. From our teenage years through her tenure as Swedish foreign minister, she was a dear friend. I honor her memory.


@jensstoltenberg What’s the biggest obstacle for you at work?

@berlinpolicy As many #NATO colleagues will agree, just getting to work can sometimes be an adventure – Brussels traffic is famous.


@jensstoltenberg What do you do at lunchtime?

@berlinpolicy In Norway, lunch is @ 11 a.m. By the time of Belgian lunchtime, I am hungry for a good meal & discussion. I rarely eat alone.


@jensstoltenberg How would you increase public enthusiasm for NATO?

@berlinpolicy I  will visit every #NATO country. Everywhere I stress that NATO will defend all allies against any threat.


@jensstoltenberg What’s the most constructive thing #NATO could do about #Ukraine?

@berlinpolicy  Support UKR politically&practically, incl w 5 trust funds. Call on Russia: respect UKR’s sovereignty & territorial integrity.


@jensstoltenberg Is the Red Phone to the #Kremlin still working?

@berlinpolicy #NATO has suspended practical coop w Russia, but we keep political & mil-to-mil channels open.


@jensstoltenberg How do you relax at the end of the day?

@berlinpolicy I love to go cross country skiing, but not really that easy in Brussels. Instead biking in the woods.


@jensstoltenberg What’s the biggest challenge to #NATO that doesn’t start with “R”?

@berlinpolicy Extremism to #NATO’s south. It has inspired attacks in our streets. We must fight terrorism & stand up for our open societies.

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