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July, 2017

It’s about time Germany starts practicing what it preaches.

The Kremlin is using atomic energy cooperation to coax and coerce.

How RT, Sputnik & Co. portray Germany and Europe.

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stand for conflicting conceptions of the West.

What lies behind the US-German spat over new Russian sanctions affecting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project?

Which foreign policy tasks are topping Germany’s to-do list?

The UK and the US are taking their time leaving the EU and the Paris climate accords respectively.

Finally trying on Helmut Kohl’s boots, the German chancellor is ready for deeper European integration.

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has proposed a radical overhaul of Russia’s economy. Chances of implementation are slim.

Turkey’s relationship with Europe seems to be heading for rock bottom. But there is scope to rebuild ties with Germany and the EU on the economic front.

Why Paris and Berlin should not wait until after the German elections to get going.

Germany’s defense minister on how to advance European security in turbulent times.

At Hamburg’s G20 summit Trump’s noisy tweets were surpassed by China’s quiet diplomacy.

What the results of a recent poll tell about re-Stalinization in post-Soviet Russia.

Germany needs to want more – and have a strategy to go with it.

The format’s survival is not worth caving in to Donald Trump’s bullying.