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May, 2016

Once a pioneer in gay rights, Germany is losing its progressive reputation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to undermine Israel’s democratic institutions.

There are compelling reasons for the EU to use the OSCE to engage China on security issues of joint concern.

The SPD, Germany’s oldest party traditionally fighting for social justice, is in a bind.

Germans fear a Trojan horse and the end of democracy.

The battle for TTIP looks to be increasingly uphill, at least in Germany.

How the German government has been coping with the refugee crisis, and still is.

From Willkommenskultur to German angst – and back?

Paris views the refugee crisis through a different lens than Berlin.

Thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece.

The Italian government has put together a contingency plan to address a possible new wave of refugees coming from the South.

The veteran of the Soviet school of diplomacy serves largely as the figurehead for a foreign policy beyond his control.

What the Panama Papers have revealed about the Russian President’s rule.

The EU should maintain – and strengthen – sanctions on Russia.

The obfuscating misuse of the English term is troubling not least because “hot spot” previously referred to the kind of place refugees are escaping.

The European Union needs to develop a “strategic capacity”.