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The West

Since 1989, the West has become stuck in the “politics of eternity,” failing to think either about the past or the future, argues historian …

Europeans and Americans are failing to coordinate their Russia policies. At a time when the old world order is disappearing fast, their loss of …

For more than 500 years the fate of countries and peoples in Asia was shaped by developments and decisions made in the West. Now …

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stand for conflicting conceptions of the West.

China is strategically buying up influence and innovation. This will have major consequences for the West.

The West’s open societies are under attack. It’s time to brace for a fight.

The extent to which the United States and Europe doubt the worth of their own systems and values has become self-destructive.

Pride in past achievements is great but far from good enough. The West needs to pursue a bold, imaginative agenda, lead an effort to redesign the international system, and make it work better.

The latest “scandal” over NSA support from Germany’s foreign intelligence service reveals Berlin’s political class as ever willing to ride the tiger of German anger toward the Americans – and score cheap political points.