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europe by numbers

What China Means

the age of asia


gideon rachman

Tipping the Scale

“Easternization” is happening at a remarkable speed, 
and the EU is struggling to keep up.


interview with bruno maçães

“The World Is Eurasian”

Europe has to pay more attention to what happens to its east, says Portugal’s former Secretary of State for European Affairs.


jan gaspers

Divide and Rule

Beijing’s 16+1 initiative is a direct challenge to European unity.


jasmin mujanović

Balkan Business

In some parts of South-Eastern Europe, China’s influence is growing fast.


bernhard bartsch

An Uncomfortable Position

There are lessons for Europe in Japan’s current struggles.



By Bettina Vestring

Olaf Scholz

He’s trim, self-confident, and highly ambitious―meet Germany’s likely new finance minister.

russia before the vote


stefan meister

Stress Test

Vladimir Putin offers Russian voters little more than himself.


vladislav inozemtsev

A Disappearing Trick

The Kremlin’s misguided foreign policy has come full circle.

words don’t come easy


andrea affaticati


Italy’s election season has turned into an all-out battle, 
and words are the weapons.

germany and the un


christoph heusgen

Taking On More

Why Germany is seeking a non-permanent seat 
on the UN Security Counil.



martin quencez

Unapologetically French

Emmanuel Macron is hailed as France’s most pro-European president ever. In reality, his policies are quite traditional.

red herrings & black swans


todd williamson

Passport Denied?

The likely costs of Brexit for EU businesses are being overlooked.

european encounters


“There Is Immense Pressure on 
the Rule of Law in Europe Today”

Susanne Baer and Zsuzsanna Szelényi debate whether the rule of law is strong enough to ensure European fundamental rights.


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