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Digital Economy

The coronavirus crisis will give an enormous boost to digitalization and the data economy.

Create a digital ministry, get behind the EU’s Digital Single Market project, and start thinking about the military use of AI.

Of the 100 top high-tech companies worldwide, only eight are based in Europe. Why are we lagging behind? It’s our risk-averse nature, says Airbus Group CEO TOM ENDERS.

Europe has fallen behind the United States and Asia in a number of areas that will be key to economic success in the future. The EU will have to take a few key steps if it is to make up lost ground.

The “convergence machine” was designed to build wealth within the continent while helping its lagging members catch up. Now, however, the same mechanisms are rendering the currency union less flexible.

It has become the economistʼs holy grail – but competitiveness is too nebulous to guide policy. Increasing productivity should be Europe’s real concern, and this requires a comprehensive reform agenda.