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Economic Policy

Capitalism’s critics should pick the right targets: outdated structures, and an idea of human nature which hinders self-determination.

Helping companies battling US and Chinese competition, there are better ways for the EU than abandoning merger control.

Germany needs to reduce its dependency on exports and push for robust European trade and industrial policies.

Overshadowed by the rise of China, Japan is facing myriad challenges. It has been forced to seek new alliances and reposition itself on the …

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has proposed a radical overhaul of Russia’s economy. Chances of implementation are slim.

Italy’s economy is defying the laws of gravity, but for how long?

Europe has fallen behind the United States and Asia in a number of areas that will be key to economic success in the future. The EU will have to take a few key steps if it is to make up lost ground.

The “convergence machine” was designed to build wealth within the continent while helping its lagging members catch up. Now, however, the same mechanisms are rendering the currency union less flexible.

It has become the economistʼs holy grail – but competitiveness is too nebulous to guide policy. Increasing productivity should be Europe’s real concern, and this requires a comprehensive reform agenda.