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November/December 2018

November/December 2018

A Test of Strength

Europe By Numbers

Trust Issues

alexander clarkson

Fortress Europeans

Right-wing populists won’t be able to undermine the EU’s institutions. But they may shape its external policies.

ben knight

Flying High on Pessimism

Since its breakthrough in 2013, Germany’s AfD has gone from strength to strength.

barbara tóth

Right Between East and West

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has positioned himself
as a political intermediary.


josephine mckenna

Matteo Salvini

Italy’s new strongman is spoiling for a fight with Brussels.

european elections

claire demesmay and julie hamann

Macron’s Second Coup

As the European elections draw closer, Emmanuel Macron is
going back to a familiar playbook. But will it work?

nicolai von ondarza and felix schenuit

Brexit Tectonics

The UK’s departure is forcing euroskeptic parties in
Strasbourg to reorganize and restructure.

german foreign policy

bettina vestring

Merkel’s Missed Moment

The chancellor’s time at the helm is drawing to a close.
She should’ve put EU reform higher on her agenda.

thomas kleine-brockhoff

Where Heiko Maas Is Wrong

Germany’s foreign minister assumes the US is retreating
from the global stage. That’s questionable.

across the atlantic

david a. graham

White House Déjà Vu

A second Trump term is not unlikely.

tyson barker

The End of Linear Thinking

Imagining US foreign policy beyond 2020 means
learning from past mistakes.

words don’t come easy

noah gordon

“Disembarkation Platforms”

The EU has a new name for refugee centers.
But don’t expect a breakthrough.

european defense

alice billon-galland and martin quencez

A Military Workshop

The European Intervention Initiative is off to a promising start.
It will be a test for Franco-German cooperation.

red herring & black swan

bruno tertrais

A Bomb for Europe?

It’s time to think about a European deterrent, again.

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