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November/December 2016



europe by numbers


the next us president and europe


jana puglierin

Europe’s Nightmare

Under Donald Trump, transatlantic 
relations face existential threats.


xenia wickett, almut möller, 
michal baranowski, 
stephen szabo

Dealing with The Donald

How Europe should respond to the 
Trump presidency.


gustav gressel

Europe On Its Own?

Even if Trump doesn’t disengage 
from NATO, Europe needs to organize 
its own defense better.


dave keating

Political Earthquake

Will the Trump victory end America’s 
two-party system?



By Jessica Jones

Mariano Rajoy

After months of political standstill, his wait-and-see approach has rewarded Spain’s beleaguered prime minister with another 
term in office.



mariam lau

Does Merkel Have to Go?

The chancellor is facing discontent 
within her own ranks.



luuk van middelaar

Wanted: Event Managers

The EU needs to find new ways of mastering its various crises.


andrea affaticati

Renzi’s Big Gamble

Italy’s prime minister may be the next to fall over a referendum of his own making.


nikolia apostolou

No Tie, No Support

Greece has fallen out of love with its 
once-revered leader.

words don’t come easy


john crace


It means what it means what it means. 
Or does it?



ilya yashin

“Sanction Putin’s Officials, 
Not Russia’s Economy”

There is an opposition in Russia. It just 
lacks room to maneuver.


oleksandr hubolov

Flawed but Functioning

The Minsk II accords don’t work, but they serve a purpose – as long as anti-Kremlin sanctions remain in place.



ekkehard brose

Not by the Sword Alone

Iraq has become the first test case for Germany’s more robust crisis management policies. It’s been a promising start.

in 140 characters


Wonder Woman

The UN’s controversial new ambassador on men, Merkel, and miniskirts.

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