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europe by numbers


Problem solved?


emily haber

“We Are All on Guard”

How Berlin has been coping with the refugee crisis, and still is.


heinz bude

“The Germans Have to Admit that 
They Need Their Neighbors”

From Willkommenskultur to German angst – and back?


claire demesmay

One Crisis among Many

France’s debate on refugees and migrants makes 
finding European solutions difficult.


josh raisher

From Sprint to Marathon

Once a way station for refugees, Greece now has to house tens 
of thousands for the foreseeable future.


Andrea Affaticati

Pressure Cooker

Italy braces itself for becoming refugees’ and 
migrants’ first port of call again.

close up


Sergey Lavrov

Russia’s foreign minister serves largely as the figurehead of a foreign policy beyond his control, argues Leonid Ragozin.



karen dawisha

“It Could Get Much Worse”

What the Panama Papers reveal about Vladimir Putin’s regime.


vladislav inozemtsev

Turning the Screw

Strengthening, not easing, sanctions against Moscow would 
be the right moral choice.

words don’t come easy


lucian kim


The EU’s doublespeak for emergency refugee 
processing has come full circle.

europe and its periphery


Daniel Mitov

The Sum of Its Parts

The EU’s response to external challenges 
needs improvement.


stefanie Babst

Bad Neighborhood

Some ideas NATO should discuss at its 
upcoming Warsaw summit.


frédéric charillon

No (Hidden) Agenda

French goals in Syria are more complex – and 
determinedly pursued – than its allies assume, but 
Paris lacks the means.

german foreign policy


hans kundnani

Business, As Usual

Germany prefers flexing the economic muscle 
while remaining reluctant to use military force. It is 
still a “geo-economic power”.



patrick hess

The Big Slowdown

Built-in contradictions between market and state 
create the risk of economic stagnation.



constanze stelzenmüller

Cold War, mon amour

Why are film and television producers trying 
to revive the 1980s?

in 140 characters


Reinhard Bütikofer

The Co-Chair of Europe’s Green Parties on broken status quo politics and the (culinary) temptations of Brussels.

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