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Angela Merkel

Reactions in Berlin to the French president’s proposals for EU reform have been muted – for now.

In their one and only public debate Angela Merkel and her challenger Martin Schulz skipped difficult issues.

Germany’s chancellor seems unassailable. How does she do it?

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stand for conflicting conceptions of the West.

Finally trying on Helmut Kohl’s boots, the German chancellor is ready for deeper European integration.

The format’s survival is not worth caving in to Donald Trump’s bullying.

Where France and Germany are likely to chime – and occasionally clash.

Both Germany and France will have to show flexibility in the fields they dominate.

Trump’s European tour and Merkel’s beer tent rally have left leaders facing uncharted territory.

Merkel has little interest in Macron’s more ambitious EU plans unless Paris gets its house in order.

Europe’s future hinges on relations between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Angela Merkel’s sharing a platform with Ivanka Trump to discuss the empowerment of women was a clever move.

Germany’s “Political Ash Wednesday,” once a humorous affair, is short on jokes.

Don’t read too much into Angela Merkel’s proposal for a burqa ban.

As his last bow in Europe, Barack Obama passionately defended Western values with “his closest ally,” Angela Merkel.

This fall, Germany’s chancellor has been facing mutiny within her own ranks. But Angela Merkel has decided to fight.