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The “Orbánization” of the Visegrád group seems to have hit the buffers.

Winning the Dutch elections may not be enough for the far-right leader.

How to make the EU-Turkey agreement stick – and apply its lesson to African migrants taking the perilous sea-route to Italy.

Something very disruptive is going on in the political sphere, warns Simon Hegelich, professor for political data science.

Damage control isn’t the only answer to the Trump presidency. Europe has to take its fate into its own hands.

How strong are populists on social media?

The West’s open societies are under attack. It’s time to brace for a fight.

The office of Marieluise Beck, a veteran Green member of the Bundestag and vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was hacked two years ago by the FSB. Then her party deselected her.

The ambitions of the People’s Liberation Army are beginning to approach Europe’s backyard.

Poland’s new strong men prefer to style themselves as persecuted outsiders.

Our January/February issue on digital manipulation is out now.

Europe and Donald Trump – the contents of our new issue.

What links Donald Trump’s victory, the Brexit vote, and support for Marine Le Pen’s Front National?

The “unthinkable” has happened – again. The consequences for Europe and the world loom large.

Here’s what a Trump presidency could mean for Europe.

Political uncertainty in Washington makes the necessity of a common European defense more urgent than ever.