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Passion always seems to be on the side of anti-European Union forces – but that can be changed.

British media have painted the EU chief Brexit negotiator as an inflexible ideologue. It’s a caricature few in Brussels recognize.

Trump’s first hundred days in office have indicated what his priorities will be over the coming years. Transatlantic relations are unlikely to get smoother.

The European Union needs to change to survive, and Germany will have to play a key role.

The West should be careful not to make Vladimir Putin’s Russia stronger than it is.

For French president-elect Emmanuel Macron, these three little words are more than just a phrase he often repeats – they represent a condensed vision of the world as he sees it.

Russia’s hacking attacks – like the one on France on Saturday – are nothing new. The Kremlin has been using the very same tactics on the Russian opposition for years.

Our May/June issue on Vladimir Putin’s great power projection is out now.

Italy’s economy is defying the laws of gravity, but for how long?

Fragile, whiny, and weak: How the right-wing brands its critics.

In eastern Ukraine, Russia is supposed to be part of the peace process, even as it interferes with the OSCE’s mission.

Germany’s Russlanddeutsche minority is no fifth column, but susceptible to the Kremlin’s propaganda.

Brexit and Trump voters wanted to go back in time. Are the Dutch and the French similarly inclined?

The OSCE monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine faces widespread distrust, but it could still succeed.

Brussels shouldn’t leave Brexit to the British; it’s time for the EU to define its interests.

London is likely to use its security assets as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.