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Brussels shouldn’t leave Brexit to the British; it’s time for the EU to define its interests.

London is likely to use its security assets as bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations.

If the Trump administration turns its back on the world, others need to step up to defend the US-built liberal order.

The Franco-German alliance needs a reset.

How Marine Le Pen turned the Front National into a force with a chance at France’s presidency.

The former president of the EU parliament seems to have changed Germany‘s whole political scene. Is he a winner?

France’s presidential elections stand out as the most unpredictable and potentially earth-shattering event in recent European history.

Donald Trump’s victory was supposed to help Marine Le Pen. Does it?

Our March/April 2017 issue on the upcoming French presidential election is out now.

In our first transnational debate on European affairs, lawmakers from Italy and the Netherlands talk about what “European solidarity” means.

China is strategically buying up influence and innovation. This will have major consequences for the West.

Russia’s president is more a product of the Russian political landscape than its architect.

Berlin wakes up to the challenges of Russia’s online offensive.

The landmark exhibition that wasn’t has dampened German-Iranian relations.

Atlanticists need to prepare for a new era – and fast.

The “Orbánization” of the Visegrád group seems to have hit the buffers.