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Our March/April 2017 issue on the upcoming French presidential election is out now.

Our January/February issue on digital manipulation is out now.

Europe and Donald Trump – the contents of our new issue.

The UN’s controversial new ambassador on men, Merkel, and miniskirts.

Our issue on the new ideological front line in domestic and international politics is out now.

The Co-Chair of Europe’s Green Parties on broken status quo politics and the (culinary) temptations of Brussels.

Two approaches to policymaking are currently competing: one prefers to smash problems as they arise, while the other would rather disentangle them. Which one makes sense, and when?

Sweden’s former PM and foreign minister on being undiplomatic on Twitter.

2014 was a mind-boggling year, marking the start of profound changes in world affairs, but also in the way Berlin thinks about foreign policy. Part of this is the “Review 2014” process Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier launched earlier this year, inviting over 60 political observers, commentators, and think tankers from across the world to put their thoughts down on paper. We offer a critical overview.