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Angela Merkel’s sharing a platform with Ivanka Trump to discuss the empowerment of women was a clever move.

Running against Angela Merkel in September, Martin Schulz’s policy ideas are as exciting as they are hard to pin down.

Things look grim for the European Union, but all is not lost yet.

Germany’s “Political Ash Wednesday,” once a humorous affair, is short on jokes.

Angela Merkel, seeking close ties with Warsaw, risks unwittingly furthering Poland’s leap to the right.

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel throws in the towel, leaving the campaign against Angela Merkel to former EU Parliament president Martin Schulz.

The German government wants to streamline its security services.

Europe’s social democrats, the SPD in particular, need the courage of their convictions.

As his last bow in Europe, Barack Obama passionately defended Western values with “his closest ally,” Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel is likely to continue as Germany’s chancellor.

Germany’s infrastructure is endangered by both politics and bureaucracy.

Germans mark 26 years together in a poisoned mood over migration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel needs a European solution for the refugee crisis more than ever.

The German conservatives are floating new ideas to win back populist voters.

As Islamist terror attacks reach Germany, Angela Merkel addresses them with her usual pragmatism.

Brexit will require Angela Merkel’s trickiest balancing act yet.